GVA: 30 mass shootings have already occurred in the U.S. since the beginning of the year

Six people, including a six-month-old baby, were killed in a shooting in California, making it the thirtieth mass shooting in the United States since the beginning of the year, according to Gun Violence Archive.

“The incident was the thirtieth mass shooting since the beginning of the year,” Gun Violence Archive, which compiles statistics on gun-related incidents, said on Twitter.

According to the American media, six people, including an infant, were killed in Goshen, California. According to the local sheriff’s office, the incident, which resembled a “drug cartel-style execution,” was gang-related.

The day before, eight people were reportedly shot in Florida at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration.

According to the portal, since the beginning of the year in the United States there have been an average of two mass shootings a day.

Fighting the “epidemic of gun violence” as U.S. President Joe Biden describes it, is a declared priority for the administration, but there has been no significant progress in this process despite the efforts made. Last January, the White House announced that only those with a place to store guns would be given a license. The Justice Department then recalled that it was a violation under the requirements to provide false information when purchasing a gun, silence the discovery of a stolen or lost weapon, neglect by the seller to check necessary documents and records of crimes before transferring the weapon, sell or transfer to a person prohibited from owning, including a non-resident, and having a secure place to store the weapon had to be confirmed by a federal license. That said, last week a six-year-old child in Virginia shot at a teacher with his mother’s gun.

Last April, Biden banned self-assembly kits for guns without serial numbers. Before that, you could order the appropriate kit online, from which you could assemble a “ghost gun” in half an hour and without any training.

The problem of armed violence was again in the focus of American authorities after two tragedies in May 2022: an armed attack on a supermarket in Buffalo, where 10 people were killed, and a mass shooting at Juwald Elementary School, where a criminal killed 19 children and two female teachers. In late June, Biden signed legislation tightening background checks for potential gun buyers between the ages of 18 and 21, it also encourages states to adopt rules to deny possession of handguns and rifles to people deemed dangerous to society by a court, funding school safety programs and psychological help for young people. This is the first time in 30 years that such a rule has been adopted, which is why the President of the United States and the administration call it a breakthrough.

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