The former U.S. president was accused of trying to help Brazilian election loser Jair Bolsonaro stage a coup d’état. The media named the alleged conspirators and the resources they were counting on. RIA Novosti has a story about the prospects for an international alliance of right-wing populists.

More than 70 deputies from the U.S. and Brazil asked Joe Biden to expel Bolsonaro from the country. The parliamentarians are convinced that he organized the unrest in his homeland. He also had the help of “influential Americans who are in Florida.” They, too, must be punished.

Although Trump is not mentioned, it is obvious that he is the one in question. Florida is the main residence of the former president, and Bolsonaro is his longtime admirer, nicknamed “Tropical Trump.” And the sympathy was mutual. The American declared his wholehearted support for Bolsonaro’s “beautiful man.” As head of the United States, he spoke to the Brazilian more often than to any other head of state.

The Guardian writes about the “poisonous flower” of the symbiosis between the two politicians. Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo was in Washington during the takeover of the Capitol in January 2021, and in August 2022 he discussed with Trump’s inner circle the spread of fakes about election fraud, the publication points out. U.S. journalists sympathetic to Trump campaigned for Bolsonaro in articles and TV shows. Brazil became the second market after the U.S. for Gettr, a social network created by former Trump press secretary Jason Miller, who is friends with Bolsonaro’s family.

“Now we have the first major international imitation of the Capitol riots,” notes The New York Times. The two riots were almost identical even in dates: January 6 in the United States and the 8th in Brazil. They copied the image of American rebels there, assures The Atlantic.

White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre informed that the authorities are ready to seriously consider Bolsonaro’s extradition. Brazilian Senator Renan Calheiros sent a request to the Supreme Court to formally address the U.S. on the matter.

Bolsonaro flew to Florida on December 30, a couple of days before President-elect Luiz Inácio da Silva took over. Since he entered the U.S. as head of state, he can stay there until the end of January. The politician spent last week in the hospital because of abdominal pains that developed immediately after the unrest in his homeland. In 2018, he was stabbed at an election rally and ended up with an acute intestinal obstruction. He had already been treated at a clinic. However, seeing how things were developing, Bolsonaro assured that he would return home without waiting to be expelled from the country.

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